Helping parents and therapists help children with ADHD

Helping Parents and Therapists
manage ADHD In children

This programme covers four main themes; psycho-education; parent-child relationship; behavioural training (including emotional regulation); and attention training (including delay restructuring). These target the known difficulties seen in children with ADHD.

The New Forest Parenting program is a specifically designed to help with the difficulties seen in children with ADHD. The children learn to start to understand and manage their own challenges via their parents as they go through the program.


For Parents

For Therapists


The NFPP developers have supported colleagues in a range of countries as they research the programs effectiveness within their setting. NFPP has been adapted to culturally fit into local customs and make it acceptable to parents whilst maintaining the programs integrity.

Why is our ADHD intervention so successful?

Over the last 20 years we have been testing the program in various settings with children with additional needs alongside their ADHD and we have at every moment involved the parents of the children with ADHD to test out our ideas, to find which ones help the most. We have conducted many research trials and we had tried to provide a flexible approach to the programs delivery that suit the range of parents needs. This is a dynamic program that adapts as we learn more about ADHD and we learn what helps parents.