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Information about the training for Parents

We know that parenting any child can be hard work but parenting a children with ADHD can be additionally challenging. How they learn from you as their parent is different to how most children learn. They need a lot of additional support in order to learn what you and others are trying to teach them including additional praise, constant repetitions and a calm clear approach all of this over time can help.

Understanding the difference in the brain of a child with ADHD is key to helping you understand how to adapt your parenting to help them. The NFPP program can be used whether or not your child is receiving medication to treat their ADHD. Medication can be helpful to manage symptoms but it doesn’t teach a child to understand themselves or learn skills to manage their ADHD. NFPP aims to help your child learn this through you.

NFPP is an evidence based program -this means we have tested it against other support to see if it works and it does. The aim is to help you to become your child’s trainer. We chose to help parents as we know you are the best people to support your young person and that those with continuous parental support do better.

It provides you the parent with a ‘tool kit of ideas’ that you can use, based on what we know helps children with ADHD.

How to access an NFPP Therapist/Group/Guided self help

NFPP courses are provided free in some areas of the country via the NHS or Early Intervention Services. Some parent led organisations also run the courses for a nominal fee.

Contact your local NHS provider to see if they have the program in your area.

List of Services that we have trained

  • Merthyr Tydfil
  • Mansfield
  • Nottingham-Nottingham City Council
  • Newcastle -Northumbria healthcare
  • Medway-Family Action Group
  • Stoke on Trent- Staffordshire combined healthcare
  • Government of Jersey
  • Powys County Council
  • Southampton Commissioning Group

How to access NFPP as an online course.

We are currently developing NFPP as an online course via the Moodle platform-further details will be available shortly. Again there will be a nominal fee for this.

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If you have any training enquiries or would like to find a NFPP Trainer please contact us on the details below or alternatively by using the enquiry form.

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