About The New Forest Parenting Programme

New Forest Parenting Programme (NFPP) is a parent-led intervention for children with, or at risk of ADHD.

The programme helps parents to learn about ADHD and how it may affect their child. It helps them to learn the skills needed to promote self-regulation, and reduce inattentiveness, impulsiveness, and difficult behaviours in their children.

The program has 3 modes of delivery, individually with an NFPP trained therapist, tailored to the parents’ personal circumstances in the home or in a clinic or via Zoom.

In a group setting with other parents again this is available via trained NFPP therapists in person in a group or online via Zoom.

Thirdly as a guided self help delivery. this is where a parent is directed to the step by step book but has access to an online or telephone NFPP therapist weekly to discuss the program for 6 weeks

NFPP Self-Help

The step by step book used in the guided self help delivery is also available for purchase for those parents who would like to work through the program themselves. Or for relatives supporting a parent once they have completed the course.

ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1849050708
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1849050708

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Quotes from people we have trained

Quotes from people we have trained

“I really enjoyed the course, having you and David deliver it kept it interesting, the fact you’ve worked with him in the past was obvious as it flowed smoothly keeping my interest.“

“I found the NFPP training delivered by Cathy and David to be excellent. The online sessions were very informative and had a good mix of activities and learning styles to keep us interested and engaged. There were opportunities to discuss what we were learning in breakout rooms so we had the chance to meet other practitioners and hear their views too. The course leaders were very open about issues they had come across whilst delivering the NFPP course to parents and shared some of their personal stories to help us be as prepared as possible. The whole online sessions were backed up by access to the brilliant Moodle site which I have found so valuable in going over topics, information and handouts needed to run the course to parents ourselves. And I particularly liked how we were encouraged to ask questions which were always taken seriously and answered fully. The ongoing supervision sessions have been great and I have found them really useful whilst running our first face to face NFPP with parents. They have been so good to be able to discuss any particular issues our parents have been facing and then to give back that advice to those parents. We have had some lovely feedback from our parents and I know Donna has sent that over to you. Thank you very much I have really found the course fabulous.“

“It was nice to see other professionals who are delivering it over the city. It’s great having the Facebook group set up for professionals.“

“Having you on hand to fire questions to at any point and to clarify points that we’re raised during the training has been helpful.“

“Moodle has been an amazing resource for me, I love the fact that you have kept the facility open to access.“

“The supervision has been invaluable especially talking through some tricky parents and having an open discussion meant it’s given me food for thought to tackle the situation.“

“Coming away from yesterdays supervision gave me loads to think about and implement ways to improve delivery on line.“

“It’s a privilege to say to members of Re:Minds that we facilitate The New Forest Parenting Programme.“