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Training in NFPP

The way to become an NFPP Therapist is to attend the training and supervision. We can train individuals or groups of people depending on an organisations’ needs. The maximum within the group training is 20 and the minimum is 10. This enables good group interaction during the training.

  • The initial training is 3 days for the individual training and top up half days for the group and guided self help.
  • We are currently running the training on line via Teams.
  • Supervision sessions of up to 10 sessions are offered during participants first delivery of the program and included in the costs.
  • If you are an individual wanting to be trained there may be a waiting time until we have 10 people.

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Quotes from people we have trained

Quotes from our trainers

Really enjoyed working with the parents delivering the course, our members have fully engaged, the difference to the parents from week 1 to week 6 is astounding. A few simple suggestions have changed the dynamics of their family life, a quick game of cards has reduced behaviours escalating and I think the biggest lightbulb moment is parents modelling the behaviour.

Our parents have been able to scope their child’s abilities and see visual progress everytime. The children seem to enjoy having individual attention offered and the parent is equally enjoying spending time with them. It’s been so lovely to hear.

The best thing about delivering this course is that our parents wanted to do it and were open to suggestions and learning, they came to us asking to do it without being told to do it.

I’ve personally enjoyed getting to know these parents better.

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If you have any training enquiries or would like to find a NFPP Trainer please contact us on the details below or alternatively by using the enquiry form.

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